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Dear friends and loyal supporters,

            We had such an amazing year at Knockout Obesity Foundation! Our last Summer Camp was a huge success. We partnering with the Village of Hempstead to give over 70 Long Island children the opportunity to learn the tools they need to live healthy lives! We had so much fun- we went on trips, boxed, played sports, ate delicious healthy food, met new friends…we can’t wait for the next Camp Kid Warrior!

“Camp Kid Warrior” is an exciting kid’s day camp for children ages 7 – 12, dedicated to mixing summer fun with teaching kids about fitness, healthy eating, exercise, self-confidence, empowerment, and how to push themselves towards goals.

*Our Founder, Cara Castronuova is a decorated fitness professional, childhood obesity expert, and Championship Boxer. She starred on Season 11 of NBC’s hit TV show, The Biggest Loser, where she helped contestants lose thousands of pounds of weight! She is dedicated to helping kids across America lose “a million more.”

Click for here to see Camp Kid & Teen Warrior 2014 photos!

Thank you, Modell’s for supporting Camp Kid & Teen Warrior!